I don't much mind watching commercials before the movie anymore, but one advertisement I wish wasn't part of the pre-show program at my local theater is the army recruitment spot. It isn't even for particularly political reasons that I can't stand them, I just find them unbearable. But now one movie theater chain is indirectly bringing the marketing campaign full circle by giving back to armed forces personnel it may or may not have helped recruit. National Amusements has announced a new military discount on movie tickets at its U.S. locations. This discount will extend to the spouses and dependents of active service members and will begin May 1.

Until then, they get an even better deal. Beginning today (April 17) and continuing through April 30, those armed forces personnel and their families get free admission and free (small) popcorn and soda. Although it might have been more appropriate to give the freebies around Memorial Day, National Amusements was probably against the idea of offering Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's Endfor free. Regardless, I am always happy to see people get free movies, whether they be teachers or children or military personnel. I wish the program included veterans and people currently serving outside of the country, but whatever. For those who can take advantage of the special offer, be all you can be and go see Hot Fuzzthis weekend.
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