After the fairly disturbing news that Anna Nicole Smith's final movie, Illegal Aliens, was going to premiere at Cannes, we've now got some more suitable selections to tell you about -- topped with a tasty helping of blueberries. According to Variety, buzz says that Wong Kar Wai'sMy Blueberry Nights will open the festival on May 16. The first English feature for the Chinese director, it's a romance about a woman (Norah Jones) who travels across the U.S. meeting strange people. It's based on a short film about a shopkeeper who falls for someone crazy for blueberry pie, so that's where the fruit comes in. If this happens, it'll be a big leap of faith for the festival since Wong's 2046 arrived a full day after its scheduled screening three years ago.

But there's also some other tasty filmmakers on the plate. The director of The Exorcist and the upcoming creepfest Bug, William Friedkin, will be screening a remastered version of his 1980 film Cruising, which stars Al Pacino. It seems this screening is designed to gear up the DVD re-release of the film. And in something newer and much less seen, there's Gregg Araki's Smiley Face -- the Anna Faris flick that has her unknowingly eating pot brownies and having an interesting day as a result. But that's not all -- there's a ton others rumored to have secured screenings -- Ramin Bahrani's New York film Chop Shop, Barbarian Invasion's Denys Arcand's L'Age des Tenebres, Hector Babenco's El Pasado, the animated adaptation of Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis, Catherine Breillat's La Vieille maitresse (Asia Argento nabbed the role originally offered to Madonna), another Argento flick by Olivier Assayas called Boarding Gate and one more -- Julian Schnabel's French-language film, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Anyone going to Cannes who needs a personal assistant?
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