In an attempt to solve their little box office problem, it appears The Weinstein Co. tested the waters this past weekend with Grindhouse; in some cases, Planet Terror and Death Proof were screened separately, while in other theaters they were screened together, but with an intermission instead of those fake trailers. The final verdict? Nothing changed. In fact, business got worse. (And it's strange, because everyone I've spoken with that saw it over the weekend said their theater was pretty packed.) According to JoBlo, they spoke to someone buried deep within The Weinstein Co. (where the vibe around the office could probably best be described as somber) and word is they've officially abandoned all plans to re-release Grindhouse later this summer as two separate films. Yay!

Harvey Weinstein reminds me of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner in a lot of ways, in that he hates to lose ... especially with his best team on the field. It's possible he still has something up his sleeve regarding the Grindhouse theatrical release, though chances are folks are now looking toward the DVD. If you ask me, we'll probably see the films split up on DVD initially before receiving some sort of super deluxe extended version of Grindhouse at a later date. Here's my question: How will the Grindhouse snafu affect the rest of this summer's slate? Even though most of you felt the low box office figures had more to do with content than length, reports claim studios are contemplating trimming some of their films down.

In the last day or so, I've heard that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix might be getting chopped before hitting theaters. And, today, word is spreading that Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End comes in at just under three hours. Will Disney cave to the Grindhouse pressure and trim their film as well? It's highly unlikely, but I'll be curious to see if the always dangerous three-hour mark becomes the next "no fly zone" in Hollywood from here on out. What do you think?