I have to be honest, it's been a long time since I saw the original horror Sleepaway Camp -- but I'll admit the ending managed to provide quite the education for a young girl in 1983. So you can't blame me for not even knowing there had been four sequels to the original tale of campers in peril and a fifth film titled Return to Sleepaway Camp was in production. Now, Bloody Disgusting reports that Camp writer-director Robert Hiltzik is already promising yet another sequel. Tentatively titled Sleepaway Camp Reunion, the film "follows the events of Return to Sleepaway Camp and focuses on the long-awaited return of Aunt Martha as well as Ricky and Angela Baker" but, there are not many more details than that at this point. There is also no word on whether Felissa Rose (who played Angela), or any of the original cast will be returning.

Since Return to Sleepaway Camp is still in production, the announcement of another film might seem a little premature, but I guess Hiltzik doesn't believe in too much of a good thing. Also, the Sleepaway series happens to be the only credit on his resume, so when he says he will be returning for more, you can probably believe him. The series has maintained a loyal following over the years in horror circles, although its certainly not in the A-list of the genre. Nevertheless, considering the rate at which the franchise is churning out the sequels, it probably won't be long until number seven and eight are on their way.