Don't worry. Ashley Judd hasn't slid into the wide world of Disney talking dogs, even if she has been dealing with some pesky bugs lately. Her border run is of the adult drama variety -- she's in negotiations to sign onto the Crossing Over cast. Earlier this month, Jessica Barnes alerted us to Harrison Ford's casting in the film, and then Patrick Walsh upped the ante with word that Ray Liotta would be playing the villain. Now, with Judd almost on-board, the film might have its immigration defense attorney who is trying to arrange the adoption of a Nigerian girl.

Crossing is an immigration drama set in Los Angeles. It revolves around a number of immigrants from different counties who are trying to gain legal status in the city. The movie will dive into border issues, document fraud, asylum, green cards, work-site enforcement, naturalization, the office of counter terrorism and culture clashing. In other words, the whole immigration kit and caboodle. Writer/director Wayne Kramer is in charge of the feature, and while we already have a handful of big names, Variety says that more are expected to be added since some, like Sean Penn, only have brief roles. I would imagine that this will go into the ensemble Crash route, where there's lots of stories that sort of intertwine, and no main star. (If that's the case, Liotta could be a partial villain, or one of a few.) Whatever the case, Cinematical is sure to have more information soon, since Kramer plans to start filming later this month in the city of angels.
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