I grew up watching Shakespeare. I've seen every one of his plays performed at least once, and some of them many times. That being said, I've never been a big fan of Kenneth Branagh. I admire his dedication to the bard, and can't deny his talent, but he's never really grabbed me. However, that bugger had to go find my weakness and cast my beloved Kevin Kline as Jaques in his latest adaptation -- As You Like It. The film doesn't have a stateside release date yet, although it was released in Italy last year, but we've now got a trailer.

Branagh has changed things up again for his version of the comedic romance. Instead of all the forest fleeing coming at the hands of familial persecution and hot-headedness, it seems that they all head to the Forest of Arden because of... a ninja attack? Why? Because they're in Kyoto! It looks a bit less jarring then it sounds, and beyond this new twist, the trailer shows all the pressing bits. Kline's Jaques is joined by Bryce Dallas Howard as the cross-dressing Rosalind, Romola Garai as Celia, Alfred Molina as Touchstone, Adrian Lester as Oliver and David Oyelowo as Orlando. There's silliness, dancing, buildings on fire and Touchstone even seems to be doing a touch of Tai Chi. Branagh missed the mark with Love's Labor's Lost, so hopefully we can find out soon if he's got his game back. If the trailer is any indication, I'd say he has.

[via Film Ick]