Newcomer television writer Jared Bush came up with a really hot idea -- one so hot that he got New Line to put mid-six figures into the deal -- a man who is totally whipped by his wife and needs to find his manliness. Call me crazy, but hasn't this been done many times already, in many different forms? In The Last Kiss, Zach Braff's friends were desperate to go on a manly vacation and not be tied down to their women. Wild Hogs has Martin Lawrence's Bobby bossed around by his wife and then hitting the Hog road, while Old School is all about male dissatisfaction, especially Vince Vaughn's Beanie.

What's the spin that made this pitch so tasty? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bush's Mancation will be about a guy who thinks that marriage has removed his little brother's manhood, so he makes the guy go on a testosterone-filled vacation with him to help the husband get it back. What will this entail? Let me go out on a limb and say that they'll get drunk a lot, see lots of strippers and barely-clothed women, go to a sporting event or two and, heck, maybe even have an affair with some young, hot lady. I can see it now -- they'll get someone like Vaughn to play the older brother, some younger, goofy guy to be the whipped one, the names will bring in big box office business and the critics will ravage it. How about you? Are you itching to Mancate, or will you let this one pass by?
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