For your mid-week movie nourishment:
  • Earlier this month, Christopher Campbell posted that Latinos were protesting Ken Burns' latest documentary. Burns, who is the PBS powerhouse that brought us Jazz and Civil War has been working on The War, a documentary that details the WWII as told the residents of 4 towns. Yesterday, the filmmaker agreed to re-cut the documentary to include the war contributions of Latino and American Indian service members. At first, PBS declared that they would make an add-on for the film about the efforts of these groups. Now, it will be fully incorporated with the help of Hector Galan, who has produced PBS docs including Chicano! History of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement. The pair have to to hurry -- the DVD deadline for the film is this June, so they've got to conduct interviews, write, shoot and re-edit the documentary.
  • Korean actress Moon So-Ri is the latest woman to sign on to The Best Moment of Our Life, the upcoming film by Yim Soon-rye. The feature, which has already signed on Kim Jeong-eun, Kim Ji-young and Jo Eun-ji, is about the Korean women's handball team while they were at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Moon will play the headstrong lead player of the team and Jeon-eun will be the team's leader. The team made it to the finals, defeating Brazil and France, before losing the gold to Denmark with a score of 38-36. The actresses have their work cut out for them -- before shooting, they will have 3 months of handball training, and the film is still planned to be released later this year.
  • Years ago, my dad and I were sitting around at a wedding, musing over what my one-day wedding would entail. King Crimson was going to be the band, and Henry Rollins was going to officiate, of course. Unfortunately, I didn't think to write a sequel to a horror movie and schmooze the singer-writer-performer-actor in time, and Joe Lynch has stolen the idea. It seems that Rollins had a great experience with Lynch during the filming of Wrong Turn 2, and when the director asked, he couldn't say no. Fie! Rollins, if you're reading, what could I do to schmooze you? I'll accept you heading the nuptials, or being the man to slip the ring onto my finger.
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