Just one week ago, my Cinematical Seven list of crappy movie endings started with Pretty in Pink. While the geek, Duckie, was supposed to get the girl, Andie, pressure from Molly Ringwald and the film's producers resulted in Blane getting her. Now a week after my list and over two decades since Jon Cryer was left in the dust, things, they are a-changing. Rogue Pictures has purchased a romantic comedy spec from staff writers on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,Chad Gomez Creasey and Dara Resnik Greasey, called B. F. F. In case you're rusty with grade school lingo -- that totally, like, stands for Best Friends Forever.

The spec deals with the lives of a nerdy guy and a popular girl during their four years of high school. After meeting as freshmen, they become friends, deal with four proms, one funeral and eventually fall in love. Ain't romance grand when it comes from dead bodies and lots of corsages? The husband and wife Creasey team say that the feature will be similar to John Hughes' comedies, dealing with the points of view of the boy and girl equally.

It's great that they're giving the geek the girl, but they're definitely aiming high -- the film isn't written yet, and they're already comparing it to long-loved classics. That's a risky step -- as soon as a film like this compares itself to beloved 80's flicks, they usually fall flat. Sometimes they deserve to, and sometimes, promises just make for unreasonable expectations that can rarely, if ever, be met. It's also a big claim for a team who hasn't had a romantic comedy, or any feature, released yet. However, we should be able to judge better sometime fairly soon (IMDb says next year, while Variety says this year), when their re-telling of Snow White, Amanda Bynes' Sydney White, gets released.
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