Earlier this month it was reported that Latino groups have been protesting Ken Burns' latest documentary mini-series. The PBS-funded production about WWII, titled The War, apparently ignored the half-million Hispanic soldiers who fought in the war. Well, the Latinos have won. PBS has hired Hispanic documentarian Hector Galan to assist Burns with a revision to the completed film that will now feature Latinos respectfully represented. Galan, who has directed many programs for PBS, most recently made the feature Los Lonely Boys: Cottonfields and Crossroads. He is currently working on a new film about Latin rhythms, which is now on hold until his work with Burns is completed.

Burns, who is one of the most celebrated documentary filmmakers, has to be somewhat upset about being mandated a helper, but of course he isn't displaying any frustration. Following the announcement of Galan's hiring, Burns told reporters that the revision is a win-win solution. Obviously, though, he lost a little bit in the agreement. Considering the 14-hour series took six years to produce, it could take all summer to introduce even a little bit about Hispanic soldiers. The duo will have to work fast if they want to finish in time for the scheduled premiere this September.