If you're an Inuk actress, you better motor your tukus to Ralph Fiennes. He is currently scouring Nunavut, Canada to find a leading lady to star in his directorial debut, Snow Country, which Chris Ullrich first posted about last year. Original reports said that the film would be an adaptation of Yasunari Kawabata's novel Yukiguni, but according to the latest news from the CBC, the film will come from an original screenplay. It focuses on a young Inuk girl named Alma, who returns to the Arctic after living in a Winnipeg convent, but she's lost her original language and cultural identity. And, of course, there's romance, which was previously described as an affair between Alma and a wealthy man. This could still hold true as Fiennes says that he's looking for a well-known male actor to be her love interest.

But back to the talent search. Fiennes landed in Nunavut this week and plans to travel across the northern province, stopping in places like Igloolik and Iqaluit to find his star. "She's 17, 18 in the story, but she could be played by someone a bit older. It's a question of, obviously, how they look, what their qualities [are]. So, I'm really open." He goes on to say that the girl in question doesn't have to have a lot of acting experience, but has to be ready for the starring commitment. The official pre-casting call will begin with a booth at the Nunavut Trade Show on May 3, through the Ajjiit Nunavut Media Association, who he has teamed up with. They will "have a video camera set up where young female Inuks can come and do a brief video interview." However, those who can't make the booth can send a photo or video clip to Ajjiit Media's office in Iqaluit, where entries will be screened and the best will then be forwarded to Fiennes and his producer. He has some time as the original start date of September is now a much more vague this fall, or next year. Good luck, ladies!
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