If you're like me, no bad reviews are going to stop you from seeing Spider-Man 3 next month. Fortunately, if the majority of reviews are like the first reactions we've seen, you won't have to worry about bad reviews anyway. But there is one person who didn't have a glowing response to the movie that you might want to be worried about. Tobey Maguire, who plays the titular superhero, has just seen the latest installment at its Tokyo premiere, and he seemed to imply that it is only so-so. The Associated Press quoted the actor, who initially said he "kinda liked it" before amplifying his publicity-minded attitude by saying that he "really enjoyed it." Kirsten Dunst, on the other hand, apparently loved the movie. She told the AP that Spider-Man 3 was a very difficult movie to act well in (I noticed), but that everyone performed phenomenally.

Maguire also gave hope that he might actually return to the Spidey costume for Spider-Man 4, confirming what he told Sci-Fi Wire earlier this month. He said that he won't continue the role just because the movies are successful, but he would be interested if the next script features a story that is good enough and deserves to be told. Dunst was caught referring to the new movie as the last, which, added to her recent words about not being hopeful about a fourth installment, makes it a fairly certain assumption to say that she is done with the franchise regardless of whether or not it continues (thank goodness!).

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