At least someone out there is going for some lesser-known lit instead of helming the umpteenth adaptation or a remake of a musical, which was a movie, and will be a new movie again. Elijah Wood, along with Indalo Productions, is planning to make the move to production and produce a feature adaptation of Black Wings Has My Angel, Elliott Chaze's noir novel from 1953 -- which was out of print for 50 years. The classic is about an anti-hero ex-con who picks up a call girl at a Mississippi motel and then stages a daring armed robbery with her in Colorado.

Apparently it took writer/producer/director Christopher Peditto 10 years to chase down and secure the adaptation rights, and he will team up with Barry Gifford to write the script. That's right! The writer of Wild at Heart. I kind of wish that David Lynch was helming the picture, since they've done great collaborations in the past -- beyond Wild, there's also Lynch's Hotel Room and Lost Highway. Unfortunately, Gifford's work since then -- Perdita Durango and his collaboration with Matt Dillon, City of Ghosts, haven't fared as well. However, maybe Peditto's sheer determination will help the film soar. The film is set to film this year, but sorry Wood fans, Elijah has no plans to star in the feature. Casting will begin shortly, so I'm sure we'll have starring news soon.
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