It's been at least 72 hours since we've shared a fresh piece of Hostel: Part 2 news, so let's remedy that right now by pointing you towards another brand-new poster for the flick. I believe this one is poster number seven. It's a picture of a girl hanging upside down with her pony tail swinging and a drop of sweat hanging from her nose. It's precisely the sort of subtle-yet-strangely disturbing promotional material that Lionsgate's been putting out for a few months now. I guess we'll be getting a new poster every two weeks until the flick's June 8 release date.

I know what you're thinking: "What's this? Scott seems oddly grumpy while discussing Hostel this time around! I thought he loved this stuff!" Well, I do. But the movie was supposed to hit theaters in January, which means the six-month delay does nothing but give us dead air. And this dead air is often filled with stuff like ... new posters of sweaty girls and pony tails. Still, the marketing campaign is a pretty slick one if you're asking me. I think I've just had enough with the appetizers and I'm now hungry for the meal already. (Plus I'm curious to see how the sequel pulls off the "gender switch" that seems to be the central plot divergence.) The June 8 release date puts Eli Roth's hostile horror sequel up against the kid-friendly Surf's Up and the inevitable smash that is Ocean's 13.
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