If you've seen any of the recent blockbusters in IMAX, you know that the experience is tantamount to wrapping yourself up in a big, cinematic blanket. (Well, as long as you don't sit too close. I saw Lord of the Rings in the first row of IMAX once. It wasn't fun.) When you add 3D to the mix, well, then you're practically breathing in the action. The IMAX Corporation has just announced that their version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixwill screen the last 20 minutes of the film in 3D. I can't say that I'm surprised, since the last installment shattered IMAX's 2D records. I went to the midnight IMAX release last time, and the place was absolutely packed.

The company will use its conversion technology to transform the end of the film and pull it out of 2D. Even better yet -- the IMAX version will be released on the same day, so you can choose whether you want to see Harry, Hermione and Ron battle evil on the screen, or in the air in front of your face. However, since it is the final 20 minutes, I hope that the action isn't wrapped up by then. As cool as 3D can be, it would be pretty pointless to go to all that effort just to show the final, post-fight moments. That being said, since the film has so much to cover, I'd imagine that the action will fly very close to the end. Me, I'll be there the moment it opens, feeding my urge to see Sirius Black in 3D.
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