Who is Ioan Gruffudd? That's the first thing I thought, but that's because I never bothered to see the Fantastic Four flick. Aside from being the guy who played Horatio Hornblower in a bunch of Hornblower television dramas, Gruffudd played Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four and the super-smart guy of the Marvel Universe. Now the Welsh actor, who is currently 33, is thinking about his future.

Although he admits that he needs to age a bit more, he wants to take over Daniel Craig's spot as James Bond in another 10 years or so. The actor says: "I would love to play Bond one day, but I think I am 10 years too young. Physically, I am not quite big enough. Of course, I could go to the gym or whatever!" He continues: "Maybe in seven years' time when Daniel is done and tired of it and can retire a very rich man then maybe I could step into his shoes. I think he's been absolutely brilliant as James Bond. I thought he was superb. He just nailed it."

It's funny that he would be so much into the Craig camp, yet still want to take over for him, since Gruffudd looks a lot more like the more polished Pierce Brosnan. Before the fresh look for 007, I might have nodded along with the Welsh actor's hopes, but now it seems more wishful, fanboy thinking than understandable reality. But really, the only thing I hope for in the Bond series is for it not to start with a kickass parkour guy again, because the beginning just left me wanting to see more crazy stunts instead of Bond magic. How about you? Would Gruffudd work if he worked out, or would it be defeating the changes made by Craig?
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