As I am a Trekkie (or Trekker, if you prefer) from way back, I have always had a special place in my heart for the original Star Trek characters from the classic 60s TV show. To me, James Tiberius Kirk will always be the Captain of the Enterprise that I identify with the most. Sure, there have been other Captains in the forty-plus years the franchise has been around -- including my very close second-favorite Jean Luc Picard -- but Kirk is, and always will be, number one to me. Ok, now that I've sufficiently proved what a major geek I am, I can let you in on some news that makes me exceptionally happy.

According to an interview highlighted at TrekWeb (via TrekMovie) with J.J. Abrams, director of the next big-screen installment of the Trek franchise, James T. Kirk will indeed appear in the film. Despite all the contradictory rumors that have been circulating around the net about Star Trek XI, Abrams assured fans that the most famous Captain of the Enterprise will be making an appearance. "James T. Kirk appears in the movie," said Abrams in the interview. "The respect we all have for Star Trek canon - and for a brand-new audience - is massive."

Abrams also said in the interview that the script for the film is done and they are now starting what he calls "pre-prep" with shooting to begin shortly thereafter. He also offered that there would be "Many more details to follow!" Of course, just because Kirk will make an appearance in the film doesn't mean William Shatner will. In fact, I'm almost positive he won't -- at least not as Kirk. With all the talk of re-imagining the franchise for this film and depicting Kirk and the rest of the crew as younger men at the beginning of their careers, Shatner couldn't possibly play the role. Knowing that, now we can start speculating about who will play the part of Kirk in the film. Any nominations?
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