Well it's a new day and, yes, Lindsay Lohan has apparently dropped out of another movie. For those of you keeping count at home, this marks the fourth film La Lohan has bailed on in the past year. Life&Style Weekly claims to have the exclusive scoop, saying Lohan passed on The Best Times of Our Lives (which was to begin production next week) because she wasn't happy with changes that were being made to her contract. While it's the fourth film she's bolted from, this is the first time the whole "shady contract" reason was given.

In the past, Lohan has ditched a project because she's either been "too busy" or "not interested in working with anyone who isn't a big name director." Oh, and she did have to take a brief hiatus from a project due to a stint in rehab -- but before that, folks on the set of Georgia Rule were pissed that the girl was showing up late or, in some "heat exhaustion" cases, not showing up at all. If you or I were to pull these kinds of stunts at our jobs, we'd be fired in an instant. But, see, in Hollywood the rules are reversed -- the more drama you cause, the more people write about you and, subsequently, the more people show up to watch you on the big screen. See, it's the little things that make the entertainment industry so damn special.

It's probably best that La Lohan dropped out, as I could not see her in this role at all. Based on the real-life story of a night in the life of poet Dylan Thomas, Lohan was supposed to star alongside Keira Knightley,Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys. This isn't to say Lohan's appearance would have cheapened what, essentially, looks like a pretty interesting film -- well, okay, I guess I am saying that. Here's hoping they find an adequate replacement on such short notice, or else The Best Times of Our Lives might turn into The Worst Production of the Year.

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