The duo who brought us Crash, Bobby Moresco and Mark R. Harris are once again joining forces. However, instead of violence and race, they'll be focusing on political scandal. The team have secured the rights to Susan McDougal's story, as well as the book written about her -- The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk. No, this isn't a mime extravaganza. Rather, it's the story of Bill Clinton's business partner who spent 21 months in prison for refusing to implicate the president in the Whitewater scandal.

Considering Hilary Clinton's current run for the presidency, it's an enormously convenient time to re-spark our minds about the scandal. That being said, the pair claim that the former president supports the film: "We sat in a room with him, and he told us how much the story needs to be told. He even gave us his take on the movie -- that when you face impossible odds as Susan did, the only way you can achieve victory is to not lose sight of who you are. That is what Susan never gave up." That Clinton knows his PR speak. It almost sounds like she was the lone hero fighting against injustice, and not just refusing to testify about law breaking.

Moresco, who has writing credits on Crash with Paul Haggis, will write and direct the script, while producing with Harris. The pair are anxious to get things squared away, and might even have an actress set to play McDougal before they secure financing. I think the tone of the film is pretty obvious, as Harris says: "Bobby and I are fascinated with the underdog, the small person who goes up against a system that manipulates anything, from the press to the court system, and can ruin the lives of innocent people." It's the true hero, underdog story for the next millennium! Now, who do you think should play McDougal?

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