Pirates of the CaribbeanIs it summer yet? Is it finally time to put the winter coats and Wild Hogs behind us? Not that spring's been all bad: There were even a couple marquee movies, though 300 and Grindhouse met surprisingly disparate fates at the box office.

But there's nothing quite like the anticipation leading up to a summer movie season. All we can say is, you may want to do a few extra laps around the block because there will be a lot of popcorn to consume. It's not just Pirates, Potter and Peter Parker: Eleven major sequels will hit theaters this summer, and that doesn't even count the movie-turned-play-turned movie again Hairspray. Besides Shrek the Third, two other tentpole animated films (Ratatouille and Surf's Up) will be looking score major moolah from the family crowd, while The Simpsons marks what could be the most anticipated TV series-turned-movie ever. And then there's Transformers, which looks better and better with each new peek. Is it summer yet?

Moviefone counts down 20 big movies to get excited about this summer. Tell us what you're dying to see... or, if you so choose, what you'd rather die than see.