Since The Dark Knight has officially begun production in Chicago (under the assumed name of Rory's First Kiss), the first set photos have started to leak online. No, none of the actors are featured in costume (although there is one of some dude with a backpack -- which, honestly, is probably the most exciting photo of the lot), but if you're interested in checking out some Gotham exteriors (and/or buildings really excite you), then these pics might be right up your alley.

Apparently, the first major scenes being shot have to do with an action sequence inside a bank. Seems like an old post office is being used as the bank, and the majority of these early images show cranes, lights and the usual production-type stuff set up outside a building that claims to be Gotham National Bank. Other than that, there's a shot of a camera rigged to a black SUV (which is probably being used for some sort of chase-through-the-streets shot), as well as the aforementioned "guy with yellow backpack" photo. Exciting stuff, if I may say so myself. So far, no one has managed to get inside the bank (where the real action is probably taking place), but seeing as these scenes will most likely move outdoors soon, I wouldn't be surprised if more start popping up in the next few days. The Dark Knight is scheduled for release next summer; Batman's enemies this time around will be the Joker (Heath Ledger) and Harvey Dent/Two Face (Aaron Eckhart). Of course, a Two Face appearance depends on whether or not director Christopher Nolan wants to play that card now or wait until the third installment.

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