A few excited websites got the news half-right a couple days back: Yes, it's true that the man who played Morpheus will provide a voice in Fox's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. But no, that voice will not belong to "Galactus, Eater of Planets." Mr. Fishburne will voice the title character himself. Silver Surfer: Body by Doug Jones, Powers by Weta Digital, Voice by Laurence Fishburne.

You'd think that with a voice like his, Mr. Fishburne would be a veteran when it comes to voice-over work, but as far as I can tell, his only experience in this arena lies as the narrator in TMNT and with some material for the Matrix video games. (How has he not been given a job by Pixar or DreamWorks Animation yet? The guy's a natural!) Needless to say, the addition of Laurence Fishburne to any project raises both the Geek Quotient and the Bad-Ass Factor -- exponentially.

But the important question (and by "important" I mean "really nerdy) is this: Does Laurence Fishburne possess the appropriate pipes to play the platinum powerhouse? I ask the old-school Marvel fans: As you read the Silver Surfer character, does his voice sound anything like Larry Fishburne's? I don't know much about the character, but I always figured he'd sound something like C-3P0.
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