It's a big week for fans (like me) of Joel and Ethan Coen who can't wait for a new movie from the writing/directing team. First, we found out that No Country for Old Men will premiere at Cannes, although no release date has yet been set for the film. We also learned that the film will be splitting up its distribution workload and is gearing up for a big Oscar push in the fall. And today, we've got more news about the Coens' next project, Burn After Reading -- Brad Pitt has signed for a role in the film. He'll be joining George Clooney and Frances McDormand, both of whom have appeared in multiple Coen brothers movies. The film is scheduled to begin shooting in August, and is being produced by Working Title.

Not much is known about the storyline for Burn After Reading. The story is about a CIA agent who writes a confessional autobiography and then loses the disk on which he's saved the softcopy. Clooney is rumored to be playing an assassin, and I haven't heard anything about who McDormand will play. I'm looking forward to seeing Pitt in this movie, whatever his role might be -- I haven't seen him in anything I've particularly liked in some time, and I like even the less successful Coen brothers films. I don't want to hear many details about the Burn After Reading plot, but I'd love to know if this is meant to be a comedy or drama, since that description could go either way. (Please, let it be a comedy -- a nice dark one.)
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