Bondcast returns! Although sadly, both on the bondcast and here, we have to mourn the passing of Barry Nelson, the first actor to ever play James Bond. Oddly enough, he was an American actor, and they made James Bond an American secret agent in the adaptation of Casino Royale that he was in. He passed away on April 7th, leaving behind a pretty impressive filmography, and a lasting honor as the first James Bond. A moment of silence for Nelson, Barry Nelson.

We'll be bringing you a Bondcast review of the Queen Mary SpyFi archives exhibit on the next episode, and our Casino Royale commentary will be coming up very soon as well. It's a summer packed with Bond events, and we're going to be putting on our finest 007-wear and hitting them up. The ever-present Bondcast microphone will bring you back audio reports whenever possible. Thanks for listening, and we hope to see you back on Bondcast!
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