If your prom experiences are anything like mine, then word that Disney was relocating a prom in order to shoot part of National Treasure: Book of Secrets would make you wonder why they needed a school gym for the film -- and better yet, why they would need such a specific gym. But no, unlike the many of us who have kept crepe paper companies in business over the years, desperately trying to make the school gym look like anything but what it is, Hill City students in South Dakota have their prom at Mount Rushmore.

According to Hill City's Student Body President, Adriana Meza: "Usually the scene right there makes it really interesting and nice. And then we eat, and then we just have our dance there." Nice is a bit of an understatement. While my prom picture is in front of a gray backdrop and cardboard pillars with fake, plastic roses, they get a ginormously impressive sculpture and national memorial. So, the kids have been gearing up for their prom, and then last month, school officials got a call from Disney. Apparently, they were told that the films "most intense days of filming" would be during that weekend. While I bet that was a bit of an exaggeration, what followed was exaggeratingly nice -- Disney offered to pay for the prom. To the classy corporation, paying for the dance means covering transportation for the kids to a new locale in Rapid City, the donation of three iPods, a computer, an electric guitar and $500 cash for the post-prom party, and that's not all. The school's valedictorians for the next five years will receive a $1,000 scholarship. If only we all could've been so lucky!

[via The Disney Blog]
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