James Mangold's Cop Land is a stellar example of an "urban western," a contemporary film that beautifully updates the genre's plots and themes -- without the saddles n' spurs that Hollywood seems to be so afraid of these days. You could tell by watching that wildly underrated flick that Mangold had studied a lot of the classic westerns, and I can't wait to see his take on the real deal. 3:10 to Yuma stars Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, a potentially explosive acting duo. It's a remake of the 1957 Glenn Ford/Van Heflin film. The plot's a simple one: Outlaw leader Ben Wade (Crowe) is captured and awaiting the 3:10 train to Yuma for his trial. "Small-time rancher" Dan Evans (Bale) agrees to hold the outlaw, a battle of wills ensues, and in true western style, the whole thing culminates in a shootout, which Mangold says "has the potential to be one of the great movie gunfights." Ben Foster, Peter Fonda, and Alan Tudyk will costar.

Here we have the first two official pictures from the film. As you can see, Crowe and Bale are in full-on intense mode, and I would imagine these shots are taken from the climactic showdown. If you want to really have some fun, put the pictures up so they're facing each other and make your own gunfight. Feel free to add voices and sound effects, I won't judge. You can take the 3:10 toYuma this October.

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