If there's a silver lining to Fox's cancellation of the stunningly hilarious and consistently brilliant Arrested Development, it's that the series' superlative cast is now free to roam Hollywood and pop up in all sorts of movies. (Seriously: Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, Tony Hale ... they all have new movies coming out!) But the guy who seems to be everyone's favorite joker is Will Arnett, who played the outrageously obtuse "illusionist" known as Gob Bluth. OK, so Arnett's first two post-AD movies, Let's Go to Prison and RV, were junkpiles, but the guy (along with his wife, Amy Poehler) stole a few hilarious scenes in Blades of Glory and reminded us why we love Arnett so much.

So here's some good news: The brand-new trailer for Mr. Arnett's latest venture, Bob Odenkirk'sThe Brothers Solomon, looks like it could be a solid vehicle for the guy's admirably warped sense of humor. It's about two grown brothers who, combined, have the social skills of a potted plant -- but that won't stop them from providing their dying father with a grandchild. That's the whole of the plot, it seems, but based on the trailer TBS looks like a pretty funny flick. Saturday Night Live'sWill Forte (who also wrote the screenplay) plays the other Solomon, and the Wills' supporting cast includes folks like Kristen Wiig, Jenna Fischer, Chi McBride and David Koechner.

Given that Mr. Odenkirk, himself a seriously funny guy, last directed Let's Go to Prison (which, frankly, stinks), one hopes that The Brothers Solomon is a big step up for the filmmaker. (It sure as heck couldn't be much worse.) Bob once directed a really fine little movie called Melvin Goes to Dinner, so obviously he's got some skills behind the camera. Guess we'll find out on September 7, which is when the R-rated Solomon brothers start lookin' for love in all the wrong places.