Eh, what do you want me to say -- it's like the Joker, but from the point of a view of a drunk person. Only a day after I first told you about those initial Dark Knight set photos, it seems folks in Chicago are beginning to get creative. I'm not sure what they've climbed on top of, but this new set of photos looks down in between the actor's trailers where, yes, it appears Heath Ledger (dressed as the Joker) was taking a stroll. Only problem is the dude who snapped said photos didn't exactly have the best zoom lens, if you know what I mean.

Instead, what we get is a blurry close-up of Ledger (we think?) with green highlights in his hair and red lipstick on. It's not by far the greatest picture in the world, and I'd much rather wait until Warner Bros. releases a crystal clear image of the Clown Prince. However, it is my job to show you any and all Dark Knight-related coolness, no matter how lame and out of focus it might be. Personally, I don't even think the Ledger pic is the best image of the bunch. The last photo shows two prop folk carrying four boxes with one trippy-looking clown head fitted into each box. I'm not exactly sure what they're being used for, but it almost appears as if they're dummy heads for wigs, fake lips etc ... Freaky stuff right there. We'll let you know if anything else pops up, but for right now you might as well begin the debate: Is that the Joker, and do you like what you see so far? The Dark Knight arrives in theaters next summer.

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