When I was in grade school, I always wanted to hang out at my friend's house because he had cable. And cable meant boobs. After his parents had gone to bed, we would stay up and flip through the channels looking for so much as a hint of nipple. So one night we're flipping around and we stumble upon a little picture called Boxing Helena. It looked promising, but it wound up being a cruel punishment for our lustful thoughts. If you're not familiar with the plot of Boxing Helena, allow me to share it with you. A surgeon, played by Julian Sands, has a one night stand with Sherilyn Fenn. He becomes obsessed with her, but she does not share the feeling. She has a car accident in front of his house. He brings her inside and... amputates her arms and legs so that he can control her. It is more ridiculous than it sounds, and the ludicrous ending (spoiler alert-- it was all a dream) is infuriating. Oh, we got our nudity that fateful Saturday night, but at what cost? At what cost?

If there is anything notable about Boxing Helena, it is that the film was directed by David Lynch's daughter, Jennifer Lynch. The film was so despised by critics and audiences (it's currently sporting a 16% average over at rottentomatoes.com), it is little surprise that Lynch hasn't directed a film since. Until now!Pell James, Bill Pullman, and Julia Ormond will star in Lynch's "indie supernatural thriller" Surveillance. Her old man will be executive producing and helping to finance the film, which co-stars former Saturday Night Live cast member Cheri Oteri and Squinty McGee -- French Stewart (!). The story "revolves around an FBI agent who goes to a small town, where everyone lies and no one is safe." Kinda sounds likeJennifer's been studying her father's Twin Peaks. Pullman and Ormond have worked with David Lynch before, in Lost Highway and Inland Empire, respectively. They must have owed him a huge favor.
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