I should probably start by admitting that I'm one of those rare people who is not a huge fan of the Bourne series. However, I've still tried to like them -- after seeing The Bourne Identity, I still went to see The Bourne Supremacy. Unfortunately, the one thing that would keep me watching them no matter how indifferent I am to the product was infuriatingly killed off in the last one. With that said, I'm not entirely thrilled that this trailer starts off with a bunch of old footage, and reminds me of all the Franka Potente that is no longer there. On the other hand, I found myself strangely amped by the poster -- both for Bourne coming home, and for the mysterious, yet completely descriptive of the movie, pose.

But how is this trailer for fans of the series? As Erik Davis said in his news of the first trailer, "it looks just like the other two -- a bunch of government types are still chasing Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), while he's doing his best to allude the villains and figure out his identity before it's too late." Joan Allen is still tough and cool as Pamela Landy: "Trying to kill him [Bourne] and failing -- just pisses him off." Damon is still beating down whoever comes across his path, with wildly driving cars or sailing through the air as he jumps from one building to the next. And Julia Stiles.. Well, she looks a bit goofy with her new 'do, but she only gets a brief flash of screen time. And finally, the whole trailer lies around the end revelation. Is that really something you'd want to reveal? Is it obvious and okay, or does it kill the sense of mystery? Either way I might forgive the Supremacy shocker and see what ultimately happens to Bourne.