Great to see all the big guns come out for last week's Insert Caption showdown, as well as a slew of newcomers. Most of the captions referenced either Air Guitar Nation rocker C.Diddy's manly Hello Kitty chest medallion or the fact that he's Asian-American. To each his own, they say. We did, for once, have a relatively easy time choosing our grand-prize winner, William H., proud owner of a new Epiphone guitar (don't go smashing that all in one place, William H.). See his winning cap below (and no, he's neither William Hung nor William H. Macy), as well as our runner up, Evan S., who's got a new DVD collection of documentaries to impress the ladies (or fellas...) with.

Time to move onto the Next contest, though. And by next, get this, I mean Next: the new sci-fi thriller starring Nicolas Cage as a dude who can see into the future (fun fact: Cage will play a dude onscreen 10 times between 2007 and '08 as he attempts to pass Mickey Rooney's all-time dude-playing record). In that future he sees our three favorite caption writers winning Next posters autographed by stars Cage, Jessica Biel and Julianne Moore. That's right, no stalking required. Good luck!

Air Guitar Nation

1. "Correction: There WAS no wrong way to eat a Reece's." -- William H.

2. "After branding every appliance known to man, Hello Kitty presents
the Hello Kitty Rock Band (Instruments sold seperately)." -- Evan S.

This week's contest: