Although it sounds odd, Hot Fuzz is like watching a classic Agatha Christie novel stuffed into a semi-automatic weapon, and strapped to the side of some of the best comedic talent working today. While you'll see the words 'satire' and 'spoof' mixed in to the majority of reviews, make no mistake -- Hot Fuzz is in no way, shape or form the Scary Movie of buddy-cop action flicks. It is, however, an adrenaline-fueled, balls-to-the-wall cup of simmering tea, served up to resemble everything you love about those big-budgeted run-and-gun movies, but with enough British flavor to have this Yank itching for more.

If you're aware of writer-director Edgar Wright and his creative partner Simon Pegg, then the first question out of your mouth will probably be: Is Hot Fuzz better than Shaun of the Dead? The short answer is, no. But let me explain: Back in 2004, Wright and Pegg followed up a stint on the successful UK TV show Spaced with, hands down, one of the best horror-comedies of this generation, Shaun of the Dead. Though Shaun immediately put the boys on the map across the pond, it took awhile for the film to find a fanbase here in the States. The Brits -- with their devilish dry humor and subtle satire -- often have a hard time generating interest over here. (Case in point: Ask around to see how many folks actually watched the British version of The Office, and you'll most likely find people don't even know one exists.) Well, if there's ever a time to try on a new pair of pants, it's now -- because Wright and Pegg are creating the type of content that we, in America, so desperately need.