Shia LaBeouf and Jeff Bridges voice penguins in Surf's Up

As a big fan of CG animation, I gotta say that sometimes it seems like we've already passed a golden age of CG-animated family films. I'm not talking about the quality of the animation -- that of course always gets better. I'm talking about attention to character and story, and all that "artsy" stuff. Remember when every Pixar movie seemed to innovate in some really surprising way? Who would've thought that a talking fish movie could be so deep, or that a superhero family so real. But lately a lot of that seems to be missing. If you agree with me here, I think we might have found the antidote. A while back, Sony showed a bunch of us press peeps some footage and let us sit down with the cast of 'Surf's Up' . I've been so busy getting ready for our summer movies coverage that it's taken me a while to post on the evening (and yes, I'm a flake) but check the flip to find out why I think 'Surf's Up' could be the best CG-animated movie since 'The Incredibles.'