One of the more appealing aspects of Marvel superheroes is that they are set in the real world as opposed to fictional places like Metropolis. Because of this, we can actually visit the city in which Spider-Man is an honorary (though fictional) resident: New York. Sure, we can't locate made-up places like Empire State University or read the Daily Bugle, but we can check out the locations used for those places in the movies. But if you are ever planning on doing some Spidey-related tourism in the Big Apple, you might want to schedule your trip around the "Spider-Man Week in New York City" event, which we told you about earlier this month. Seven days of fun-filled activities, being held in conjunction with the release of Spider-Man 3, begins April 30 and continues through the film's opening weekend.

Sony has just put up a special website that includes an interactive map to help you prepare for the festivities happening around the five boroughs. Some of the highlights of the event include a special exhibit of live spiders at the Museum of Natural History (inclusion of radioactive spiders is not likely), a Green Goblin mask-making workshop, opportunities to feel like a wall-crawler (at Chelsea Piers' rock-climbing wall) or a web-slinger (at the Trapeze School of New York City), an exclusive deal for redheads at Supercuts and our favorite, and a closing-night concert of Spidey-themed rap songs at the Apollo Theater. And don't forget about the sight-seeing (the famous Flatiron Buildling was used for the Bugle's offices), which will be made easier with a special tour through Gray Line.