We've had the Dream Team, the Rat Pack, the Brat Pack and as Scott Weinberg rued last October, the Splat Pack. But has there ever been a group title for the guys behind-behind the scenes in film? I feel like we should come up with something for the crew of Saw. After wrapping Saw IV soon, a lot of the same crew will then move on to a new horror flick called Twisted, but that's not all. From there, they will move on to that horror Opera flick that Erik Davis mentioned way back in October -- Repo! The Genetic Opera. So, perhaps the Bloody Bunch? The Gang of Gore?

So this picture in the middle, Tortured, is a psychological revenge thriller from the pen of Marek Posival. This is his first penned feature (his lone other writing credit is a short from 2000 called Hold-Up), although he's done a lot of TV work as a line producer and assistant director. The film will be directed by Rob Lieberman, who has done a bunch of television work himself, and believe it or not, the last two features he helmed were Fire in the Sky and D3: The Mighty Ducks. Tortured is about an upper-middle-class couple whose life is destroyed when a pedophile kidnaps and kills their only child. Seething with revenge, they kidnap the killer. Although Variety says nothing else about the plot, I think the title probably says it all. And, considering the crew that will be working behind the scenes, my guess is that the torture will be very, very gory.
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