Probably the best gift I was given by a friend as a kid was a huge binder that contained probably 100 magazine clippings of Corey Haim. That night, the space around my bed became a shrine, and every morning I could wake up to him looking at me, while I imagined that he'd say "Hello, honey!" a la Dream a Little Dream. Never in my life did I imagine that his cohort in crime, Corey Feldman would become the clean and centered one, while Haim would be the barely-clean bum. Now, not only do they have a series coming that Martha gave us a heads up on, but Feldman has got more feature film work.

He's signed on to play a Hollywood agent in The Bloke Goes to Hollywood, an Aussie comedy produced by Cameron Miller, which will star Melbourne-born comedian Chris Franklin. The producer says: "It's basically about an Aussie bloke, who's a stand-out comedian, who goes to Hollywood to seek his fame and fortune." They're definitely bringing up buzz the right way, because Feldman isn't the only recognizable face. Nikki Griffin from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift has signed on to the cast along with...wait for it...the professional wrestler and They Live! actor himself, Rowdy Roddy Piper. While I'm not terribly titillated by the premise, I can't help but be sort of curious for the actors in here. I wonder if Feldman will get Haim an appearance, and will anyone else pop up? Maybe Kerri Green?
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