If we were sharing this news on the first of April, you probably wouldn't believe it, but sources indicate that a remake of the 1986 slasher flick April Fool's Day is about to get underway. Bloody-Disgusting.com places "The Butcher Brothers" in the director's chair. (Their first and last flick was the After Dark release known as The Hamiltons.) No word yet on if the oft-discussed "finale" will remain intact, but one can assume the remake will have a respectable body count with very little gore. (Hint, hint.)

Although not a big hit when it was released in March of '86, April Fool's Day has gone on to become one of the "cultier" slasher flicks of the decade. (For the record, it grossed just under $13 million domestic.) It was directed by Fred Walton, the man who gave us the original When a Stranger Calls, and it was written by Danilo Bach, a screenwriter who co-wrote (and shared an Oscar nomination for) the original Beverly Hills Cop. The cast was an appreciably colorful one for "yet another slasher flick." AFD starred Deborah Foreman, Clayton Rohner, Amy Steel and Tom Wilson, among others. As far as the remake goes, it looks the "Butcher Brothers" Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores hit the newcomer payday: Follow up a very small indie horror flick with a big-budget studio remake. (I wonder if anyone would hire me to remake Hell Night...)
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