You just know you need a sequel when you're talking about magical jeans. There's so many stories to be told when you have pants that can fit 4 girls, of varying sizes, perfectly. There's always more boys to pick up, life lessons to learn, strength to be found. Heck, they could find a new piece of clothing for a sequel -- perhaps a shape-changing bra, or pair of super-stretchy socks. Now that America Ferrera is starring in a hit television show, the powers behind the pants want to cash in and make The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants... Part Two!

When the original came out, you might think that either Alexis Bledel or Amber Tamblyn would be the ones shying away from a sequel. They were the first-billed girls with their big shows and notoriety. Then, out of nowhere, America becomes Ugly Betty, and suddenly her third-billed character is in hot demand. According to sources for The Hollywood Reporter, while Ferrera has no interest in reprising her role, Alcon Entertainment is exercising its sequel option and forcing her to the negotiating table. The plan is to start shooting this June, during her Betty hiatus, with Sanaa Hamri directing Elizabeth Chandler's script (the woman who wrote the original screenplay). Do we need a sequel? Of course not. The original was cute and all, but the shtick has been done. So, the next question: Will Ferrera's new notoriety catapult the sequel to success, or will it be a waste of time and money? I kind of hope it succeeds, because what's worse than starring in a sequel? Starring in a sequel that sucks.
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