A well-placed source who should know -- they absolutely won't allow me to say more -- has just gotten back to me after doing some checking, and they are telling me that the make-up test photo of Heath Ledger from this morning -- the one that AICN is standing behind as the real deal -- is, in fact, a complete "fake." There was no ambiguity there. This confirms my original suspicion, given that the photo looks nothing like Heath Ledger and we all know that nothing is as highly-guarded as the look of a character like this in a film like The Dark Knight. At this point, I'm starting to think that Warner Bros. is sitting around laughing at us for giving them all kinds of free publicity, confident in the knowledge that we actually haven't seen anything yet. Either way, Heath Ledger isn't going to be able to go out for a hamburger from now on without people following him around, hoping to get a snap of him with a tinge of green in his hair.

Looks like the big Batman news of the day is going to have to remain Michael Keaton's reported sighting, mulling around the set of The Dark Knight. Is Christopher Nolan actually cool enough to give Keaton a cameo in The Dark Knight? I'm firmly in the camp that thinks his Batman is the definitive one, even though I know that the Burton take is entirely out of fashion right now, so here's hoping that rumor has more substantiation than the Joker one. Stay tuned to Cinematical for all Dark Knight news, rumors, happenings, and everything else you could possibly want.
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