Being a Wizard of Gore isn't enough blood and guts for Marty McFly's dad. Crispin Glover has been officially, penned inand cast as the lead in J. T. Mollner's upcoming indie horror movie The I Scream Man. He will play a vengeful ice cream man who is pretty crazy due to "brutal memories from his twist past," and ends up wreaking "bloody havoc" on a small California town. Well, I for one can't think of anyone better suited for it. Teamed with a cameo by classic horror filmmaker George A. Romero and it's a scream dream.

While it's no shock that Glover would be interested in a movie like this, his supporting cast makes things intriguing -- Fred Ward, Judd Nelson, Tom Sizemore and Haylie Duff. Oh, I couldn't have made that last one up if I tried! I guess Haylie just wants to make sure that she completely removes herself from her 7th Heaven days like Jessica Biel did. Wait... Will Haylie be in period pieces one day? Oh, the possibilities. But I digress. Last month, Fangoria posted about the movie and quoted Mollner as saying: "I aim to make this one of the most graphic, controversial, character-driven, sociopolitically aware and visually innovative horror films to date." (And he actually goes on to cite Polanski and Fellini of all people.) Now, I can buy most of them, but "most graphic"? What in the world is left to do in horror? We've had self-mutilation, guns, bombs, disemboweling, cannibalism. How much gorier can these guys get? Hopefully they'll all be satisfied once they hit the horror ceiling. At some point, the only way to top all of this will be to actually do it.
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