It's not every day that I'm intrigued by a remake. In a nice twist from the usual unoriginal remaking world, Warner Brothers has grabbed the feature rights to a documentary for George Clooney's Smoke House to produce. The lucky film is Rachel Boynton's political documentary from 2005 called Our Brand is Crisis. Now instead of re-doing the doc, British screenwriter Peter Straughan will be adapting it into a dark comedy.

The original Crisis focuses on the behind-the-scenes goings on from the Bolivian presidential election of 2002. Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, one of the candidates, had hired a D.C.-based political consulting firm to help him score a win and pull him out of his dismal poll numbers. Using focus groups, sloganeering and smear tactics, the man won by a narrow margin, but later had to resign due to the crisis that his rule brought to Bolivia. How the feature adaptation will differ remains to be seen, although Variety notes that it will focus on "the dangers of 'exporting' American democracy." And, of course, there's probably a good chance that ol' sexy, gray-haired Clooney will direct and star in the film -- which means we'll have to wait a bit to see it. He's already got Leatherheads filming now, and three flicks in pre-production -- Burn After Reading, White Jazz and voicing The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Whoever would've thought that this guy would go so far?
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