It's taken quite some time for me to wrap my head around a remake of the Roger Corman classic Death Race 2000. But, now that the Hollywood Reporter tells us that action stud Jason Statham is in negotiations to star, I can kind of see where they're going with this. Though it was originally being called Death Race 3000, it seems they've since shortened it to Death Race and, instead of Paramount overseeing the project with Tom Cruise (imagine that one!) in the starring role, pic has since moved to Universal (following the Par/Cruise fallout) with Paul W.S. Anderson attached to write and direct.

For those not familiar with the original (and I don't blame you), Death Race 2000 starred David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone as two guys who race across the country in their heavily armed cars, scoring points by mowing down innocent bystanders. In true Corman fashion, it was classic B-movie, drive-in type fare -- and, seeing how well Grindhouse did at the box office, something tells me Death Race will make a killing (pun intended). Will it be The Transporter meets Alien vs. Predator? Ya know, part of me really hopes so. I've always been a fan of those warped futuristic gaming movies (remember The Running Man?), and so I do think the project has potential. Will it resemble Corman's 1975 version in any way, shape or form? Probably not. After all, they do want some people to show up and buy tickets for this thing. Studio is currently eying a late summer/early fall production start and, though no one else has been cast, is it wrong of me to suggest The Rock to star alongside Statham?

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