Hey, I'm as big a fan of epic romantic movies where "a woman undergoes a journey of self-discovery and then learns to love again" as the next guy. So, its with some interest that I began gathering details concerning director Baz Luhrmann's upcoming epic Australia -- which pretty much follows that exact storyline. When we first got wind of this film, rumors swirled about a Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe pairing to ignite the screen with limitless passion and perhaps a few well-placed bar fights. Sadly, Crowe decided the movie was not for him and was replaced, after some consideration, with the almost-as-manly Hugh Jackman.

Then, after the casting fervor died down a bit, more details of the film emerged over the last few months -- including, finally, its title. Now, with help from the "very first website dedicated to the Baz Luhrmann film simply entitled, Australia" we can add some new pictures to our slowly growing cache of info about the film. The pics, of which there are quite a few, mostly show a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff including construction of various sets at the film's Bowen, Australia location, the director getting down to business with his team and star Jackman walking and apparently rehearsing a scene.

I've liked all of Baz Luhrmann's films up to this point -- even Strictly Ballroom -- and I don't enjoy dancing all that much. So, this movie should, it would seem, be met with the same level of anticipation and interest as his previous ones. However, after seeing the pics and trying to get into the movie, I just can't seem to muster as much enthusiasm. Maybe because I feel like I've seen the film before when it was called Far and Away? Oh well, Australia is going to be in production for quite awhile so I've got plenty of time to judge it. Meantime, enjoy the pics.
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