In Steve Buscemi's new film Interview, Sienna Miller plays an actress much like Lindsay Lohan -- an actress who is more known for her off-screen antics than her on-screen performances (after the whole Jude Law fiasco, you can probably shove Miller into that category as well). So, it's only fitting that Miller would be the one chosen to replace Lohan in The Best Times of Our Lives, a period drama based on a very real night in the life of poet Dylan Thomas. We told you last week how Lohan dropped out of the film (which was set to start filming this week) due to problems with her contract. Unlike Lohan (who's bailed on roughly four different projects in the last year), Miller has managed to take on every role she's signed up for; following the recent Factory Girl, Miller will star in the aforementioned Interview, this summer's Stardust and the recently completed Michael Chabon adaptation, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

Starring Keira Knightley, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys, The Best Times of Our Lives (and no, something tells me that Green Day song will not be on the soundtrack) was written by Sharman Macdonald, who also happens to be Knightley's mom. Pic revolves around a rivalry between the two women in Dylan Thomas' (Rhys) life: His wife Caitlin (Miller), and his childhood friend Vera (Knightley). Apparently, at one point, Vera's husband William (Murphy) gets so fed up with his wife's close relationship to the poet that he attacks the dude's house with a machine gun and a grenade. Ah, those poets and their crazy ideas of a fun Friday night at home. There's no word on whether the Lohan snafu has delayed production; most likely, things are still right on schedule. So, here's where you get to decide: Is Miller an adequate replacement? (Then again, when it comes to Lohan, even 13 year-old Dakota Fanning would have turned in a more convincing performance.)

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