When those blurry shots of Heath Ledger as the Joker hit the net late last week, AICN linked to them, but refused to post them up. I believe their exact words were, "I'd rather wait a few weeks and see what Warner is going to come up with as an official image, because I want some sense of context and lighting. I want to see the Joker the way he's going to look in the movie." Well, it appears they weren't "waiting a few weeks," they were just waiting until someone sent them a pic. This way they can leap out with their own exclusive, no matter how bogus it is. Case in point: This morning, we get two new pics -- one of which has already been called out for being a fake, while the other is apparently real. However, neither one has been approved by Warner Bros and/or recognized as being a legitimate shot of Ledger as the Joker.

Is this really Heath Ledger as the Joker? Or is this just another photo-shopped mock-up of what some fan thinks the Joker will look like? Hell if I know, but we're bringing it to you anyway. And, not for nothing, but who the hell is leaking these photos? Obviously, it's someone inside the production -- I mean, is it that hard to keep these images under lock and key? Regardless, here is your Joker; he's a little Goth meets heroin addict, but I dig it. Of course, this pic does not and should not represent what the Joker will look like all dolled up on the big screen, but it's certainly an interesting taste. With the way these pics are hitting the net, it appears I'll be writing a new Joker post every day this week. How fun! What do you think of all these images? Are they real? Fake? Do you like where Nolan is going with Ledger's look?

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