England's fascination with the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth and epic stories of danger, suspense, action and romance continues with the film Elizabeth: The Golden Age. The film, directed by Shekhar Kapur and featuring the great Geoffrey Rush, the cool Clive Owen and the exceptional Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth, is of course a sequel to Kapur's previous foray into Elizabethan storytelling, the aptly titled: Elizabeth. When we first heard of this new film, we had few details except it was going forward but Blanchett's participation was not a sure-thing.

Obviously, she eventually agreed to participate because cut to a few months later and here we are with the film's shiny new trailer for for your viewing pleasure. The trailer features all the action, intrigue, romance, desperate gambles and rousing speeches you could want from a film like this. Elizabeth is attacked, questioned, bullied, sullen, emotional and finally, angry, decisive and triumphant. Watching the trailer and realizing all the problems England has faced over the years, its amazing the country is still around.

As I am a big fan of these types of movies, and having enjoyed Kapur's prior Elizabeth film a great deal, I'm looking forward to seeing this new one very much. Plus, the trailer looks great. I tend to think of the first Elizabeth as a little like The Godfather of Elizabeth movies. Watch both films again if you don't get the similarities right away. So, if that comparison holds up, the sequel should hopefully end up as The Godfather II of Elizabeth movies. Really, if its even close, it'll still be pretty good. We'll know for sure, of course, when its released in October. Until then, enjoy the trailer.