When Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence signed on to write and directFletch Won (based on the novel by Gregory McDonald), everyone assumed Zach Braff would take over the character so hilariously portrayed by Chevy Chase in 1985's Fletch and the 1987 sequel, Fletch Lives. Heck, Braff knew he was perfect for the part, and even went so far as to talk about playing Fletch shortly after Lawrence's deal was announced. However, months have passed and nothing has ever been made official. But now, according to TVGuide.com, word has it that Braff reluctantly had to turn down the role due to scheduling conflicts. Bummer.

Lawrence, who's in New York scouting talent for the film, said: "Zach is writing and directing his own film [Open Hearts] at Paramount. I'm very happy for him. We were looking forward to doing this thing together, but when you get an opportunity like that, you've got to take it." With a seventh season of Scrubs on the horizon, it would have been impossible for Braff to take on his own film (a directorial follow-up to the highly-praised Garden State), as well as Fletch. Something had to give. And, unfortunately for us, Fletch got screwed. Since filming on Scrubs picks up again in August, I'm not sure when Lawrence plans on shooting Fletch Won. I assume the first thing he has to do is secure a star; someone who possesses enough comedic talent to take on this iconic character. Will they go after, say, Vince Vaughn? He's Chevy-like. Or, they can stay younger and target another sitcom actor-turned-big screen star. Perhaps someone like Topher Grace fits that bill? Personally, I say they revert back to the Kevin Smith version, and find a way to snag Jason Lee. He's the perfect guy for this role. What do you think?

[via IGN]

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