Fans of theSawseries will definitely want to pop on over to FEARnet for a quick second. That's where you'll find the first pair of on-set pics from Saw 4 ... plus we've been given just a little dollop of plot synopsis! Turns out that the Saw 4 story-line will continue with poor Jeff (Angus MacFadyen) as he tries to rescue his trapped daughter from inside another one of Jigsaw's death-filled dungeons. (And yes that audio tape does come into play!) Heck, who knew the Saw flicks would turn out to be a bona-fide soap opera?

The pics don't deliver any of that patented Saw stickiness, but you will get to see director Darren Lynn Bousman on set with actor Lyriq Bent, who will be returning for his third Saw soiree. Beyond that, we don't know a heck of a lot about Saw 4. New to the series are Feast writers Partick Melton and Marcus Dunston, and that should certainly add some new flavor to the series. But I prefer being kept in the semi-dark on these flicks. I actually didn't know what was coming in the Saw sequels, and I kinda like it that way. As expected, Saw 4 will hit screens right before Halloween. Domestically, the first one did $55 million at the box office. Part 2 made $87 million and Part 3 hit $80 million. Not bad for a trilogy that probably cost less than $35 million to produce.
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