The slide of Jennifer Lopez into complete irrelevance seems to be continuing unabated, based on the trailer for her next film, El Cantante. Even after watching it, I can barely make out any semblance of a story, except that it seems to center on Marc Anthony as a singer who is trying to conquer the Latin music scene and Lopez is his woman. According to CinemaBlend, where we first saw the poster for the film, it's a "dramatic biography of Puerto Rican salsa pioneer Hector Lavoe. The film follows Lavoe's (Anthony) passionate relationship with Puchi (Lopez) and his skyrocket to international fame. In the mix are a lot of drugs and angst."

I know Out of Sight was a long time ago, but has Hollywood so completely forgotten Lopez's good performance in that movie that they are offering her nothing but dreck like this? A quick glance at her IMDB page reveals one project on the sked for 2008 called The Governess, but she is the only name beside it so far and I've never heard of it, so it looks like the kind of project that stars say they know nothing about at press junkets. And this Marc Anthony character? I know one thing about him: he gave such a bad performance in Tony Scott's Man on Fire that it's stuck in my mind ever since. Seriously, Tony's red ballcap must have gone spinning every time this guy uttered a line. Marc Anthony, you need to stick to your day job, whatever that may be. For those who still plan to see El Cantante after seeing the trailer, it's scheduled to arrive in theaters on August 1.