That kid who loved those suicidal virgins is really starting to make a name for himself. Jonathan Tucker, who played Tim Weiner in The Virgin Suicides, has been farting around for a while, finding both starring horror roles like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and supporting bits like John C. Reilly's indie flick, Criminal. Now things are starting to spin for the actor, who just had a stint as a Black Donnelly, and he just might make a more mainstream name for himself. He's already wrapped up his role as the disappeared son in Paul Haggis' upcoming In the Valley of Elah, and now he has signed on to star in the upcoming horror-thriller, The Ruins.

In February, I brought you word of the adaptation of Scott Smith's novel (the man who also wrote and adapted A Simple Plan). With Smith confirmed as the screenwriter, this should have more promise than Tucker's Chainsaw stint, since Plan earned the writer an Oscar nomination. If you haven't read Ruins, it's about two couples who head to Mexico on vacation -- Jeff/Amy and Eric/Stacy. They meet a German traveler who is desperate to find his brother, who has disappeared on some archaeological dig with a girl. Tucker will be playing Jeff, who The Hollywood Reporter says convinces the rest of his group to join this stranger on the remote dig in the middle of a jungle they're not familiar with. Of course, in typical horror fashion, something evil lurks in the jungle, and the scary horror commences. With one star tied down and principal photography to begin next month in Australia, we should have more casting news soon.
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